I think this colour works better for you.

Hi all. Whenever I go shopping, I wish I had a personal shopper because I am hopeless when it comes to fashion. It would be nice if there is someone encourages me to try new styles and new colours. :)

I think this colour works better for you.
제가 생각하기에 당신은 이 색깔이 더 잘 어울리는 것 같아요.

제가, jaega, I + suffix
생각하기에, saenggakhagiae, thinking about it
당신은, dangsineun, you + suffix
이, yi, this
색깔이, saekgalyi, colour + suffix
더, duo, more
잘, jal, well
어울리는, oaulinun, go well with
것, gut, indicating something
같아요, gattayo, I think so

제가 생각하기에 당신은 이 색깔이 더 잘 어울리는 것 같아요.
jaega saenggakhagiae dansineun yi saekgalyi duo jal oaulinun gut gattayo.

What a long sentence. But let's not get intimidated. :)
It is perfectly OK to omit the firs part, "제가 생각하기에" because "verb/adjective + 것 같아요" also implies you are thinking as such.

You will hear a lot of sentences ending with "verb/adjective + 것 같아요" when you speak with Koreans just as much "I think --" is common in English speaking.

한국 음식은 너무 매운 것 같아요. I think Korean food is too spicy.
hanguk eumsikeun nurmu maeun gut gattayo.

한국말은 너무 어려운 것 같아요. I think Korean language is too difficult.
hangukmaleun nurmu eryuoun gut gattayo.

Please don't give up even if it feels difficult. There are tons of videos on Youtube to help you as well. Happy learning. :)


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