I am just looking thank you.

Hi. When I came to Australia, I had to learn to say "Thank you" and "Please" in every chance I had. It needed some effort at first because I wasn't saying those a lot in Korea. Not because I was rude back then, we just have different ways of expressing gratitude by the tone of the voice, body gesture or the polite form of the verb. Especially, we don't use those expressions that much between family members. It just goes without saying most of the time. :)

I am just looking, thank you.
그냥 보는 거에요. 감사합니다.

그냥, genyang, just
보는, bonun, looking (basic form is 보다)
거에요, guoaeyo, it is that...
감사합니다, gamsahamnida, thank you

그냥 보는 거에요. 감사합니다.
genyang bonun guoaeyo. gamsahamnida.

I translated today's expression literally to convey the original meaning even though I don't think it is common to say 감사합니다 in this situation in Korea.

Also "verb + 거에요" delivers a sense of certain state. For example:

먹다 + 거에요 -> 먹는 거에요. It is edible.
자다 + 거에요 -> 자는 거에요. It is sleeping.

That's it for today. :)


  1. 민 선생님 ~ 반가워요 ^^
    I was browsing through your older entries and I noticed that most are written in ㅂ니다 form - could you also add the 요 form?
    That would be very convenient!
    I really appreciate the time you're taking to write an entry every day and I'll start commenting every now and then ;D
    By the way, I'll be blogging about your blog, I hope you'll get some other follower too *^^*

  2. Hi lacosta! :)
    Do you realize that you literally save the life of this blog?! While I was writing this post last night, I was wondering if I could continue this because it was hard to know if my effort was serving any purpose. But now I know! :)
    Thank you so much for blogging about this. That's very kind of you. I got more visitors in one day than the total of the whole last week! Awesome. :)
    And I made a note to add the 요 form.^^

  3. that's great! 고마워요 ~
    actually it's always very hard when you just started a blog. I mean, how are other people supposed to find it or even to know that it exists? it takes some months till you have enough followers who will come to your blog daily... just don't give up! I'll root for you and try to promote your blog! ^.^ 홰팅!홰팅! ~


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