This song is so catchy!

Hi all. I think hook songs have taken over K-pop these days. Hook songs are those that a simple rhythm or phrase repeat many times. A good example would be "Bo Peep Bo Peep" from "T-ara". I wonder if I could make such a song because it seems so simple. lol. But I guess it requires a real talent to make those songs really catchy.

This song is so catchy!
이 노래는 정말 귀에 착착 감기네요!

이, yi, this
노래는, noraenun, song + suffix
정말, jeongmal, really
귀에, guiae, ear + suffix
착착, chakchack, a mimetic word describing a characteristic that is sticky
감기네요, gamginaeyo, be wound (감기다)

이 노래는 정말 귀에 착착 감기네요!
yi noraenun jeongmal guiae chakchak gamginaeyo!

'귀에 착착 감기다' must be the first idiom appeared in this blog. This idiom literally means that the song is sticking to your ears. You can also say '귀에 착착 붙는다' to mean it is catchy. '붙는다' is verb meaning 'stick'. If the song is not catchy just say '귀에 착착 감기네요'.

Similarly you can say '입에 착착 감긴다' if something is delicious.

Bye for now. :)


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