We need to respect stars' private lives.

Hi. Ooh, it's the lights, Action, Hollywood~ It's from Beyonce's song called "Welcome To Hollywood" I like. While the melody is very glamorous, the lyrics contrast the dark side of the city well. Indeed, one thing I don't understand about Hollywood is that how come it is OK for paparazzi to harass people just because they are public figures. I think stars sometimes have to pay to much for doing what they love.

I think we need to respect stars' private lives.
제 생각엔 스타의 사생활을 존중해야 할 것 같아요.

제, jae, I (polite form lowering oneself)
생각엔, sangaken, think of it (생각하다)
스타의, stareui, star + suffix
사생활을, sasanghwaleul, private life + suffix
존중해야, jonjunghaeya, respect (존중하다)
할 것 같아요, hal gut gatayo. I think such that...

제 생각엔 스타의 사생활을 존중해야 할 것 같아요.
jae sangaken stareui sasanghwaleul jonjunghaeya hal gut gatayo.

The suffix 의 from '스타 사생활' is one for ownership. '나 사생활' means my private life. '동방신기 새 앨범' means Dongbangsingi's new album etc.

Similar to '-야 할 것 같아요' there is '-는 것 같아요' to express your opinion. Check out the previous posting from here.

박용하 who is one of the Hanryu stars has committed suicide today. It is quite sad. R.I.P 박용하


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