I get stressed out because of facebook.

Hi guys. It seems that it is no sweat to some people to update their status frequently with exciting events or at least things that sound exciting. I can't do that! Whenever I look at the dreaded input box, my brain goes blank! What am I supposed to say? I am not doing anything interesting at the moment and there is not a single thread of interesting thought going through my mind. I feel like I am such an uninspiring person especially when there are facebook or twitter apps on the mobile phones now. According to Lizzy it is not just me. :)

I get stressed out because of facebook.
나는 페이스북 때문에 스트레스 받아요.

나는, nanun, I + suffix
페이스북, pacebook, facebook (remember no 'f' sound in Korean. ;))
때문에, ddaemunae, because of
스트레스, stress, stress
받아요, badayo, receive

나는 페이스북 때문에 스트레스 받아요.
nanun pacebook ddaemunae stress badayo.

때문에 is a frequently used conjunction word. In a form of "noun + 때문에", there is no suffix following the noun. Other things that stress me out are:

교통체증, gyotongchejeng, traffic jam
인터넷 속도, internet sokdo, internet speed
일, yil, job
돈, don, money :P

What makes you stress out? :)


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