Your skin looks so much better recently.

Hi all. TGIF! Do you have any plans for this weekend? I have a skin treatment tomorrow. I go to a new salon that I found recently and they use Guinot products. I never heard of them before but I started using cleansing milk from them. It was actually really nice and moisturises the skin really nicely. I plan to get some more products later. :)

Your skin looks so much better recently.
요즘 피부가 엄청 좋아 보이는데요.

요즘, yosm, recently
피부가, pibuga, skin + suffix
엄청, umchung, greatly or extremely
좋아, joa, good (좋다)
보이는데요, boyinundaeyo, looks like (보이다)

요즘 피부가 엄청 좋아 보이는데요.
yosm pibuga umchung joa boyinundaeyo.

Do you remember when I said 완전 is a very informal expression? 엄청 is also a colloquial expression and it is '엄청' common. :) More formal equivalent would be 정말 or 매우.

Hopefully my skin looks better after tomorrow too. :)
Bye for now.


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