I don't know if I need all these features.

Hi everyone! A phone can be so much more than just a phone these days. I guess that's why we call them smart phones. I remember one moment that particularly impressed me. It was last month at an aquarium where I saw so many people including small kids taking pictures with their mobile phones not with their cameras. Phones are cameras! And Nokia's new N8 will have 12 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss! You are still not sure if you need all these new features? :)

I don't know if I need all these features.
이렇게 많은 기능이 다 필요한지 모르겠어요.

이렇게, yiroke, like this
많은, manun, many (많다)
기능이, ginengyi, feature + suffix
다, da, all
필요한지, pilyohanji, needed (필요하다)
모르겠어요, moruegetsoyo, I don't know (모르다)

이렇게 많은 기능이 다 필요한지 모르겠어요.
yiroke manun ginengyi da pilyohanji moruegetsoyo.

From now on, I will add the basic form in brackets where applicable. The basic forms ends with 다 and they can be used at the end of the sentence. Some are verbs and some are adjectives. They change the endings to express tense or politeness or to be followed by another word.

There are so many levels of politeness which is confusing but the rule of thumb is like this. 해 or 라 ending is for your friends or who are younger than you. You can safely use 요 style ending to acquaintances in your age group. 읍니다 or 습니다 forms are better for seniors. 시다 or 십니다 ending is better when you speak on behalf of a senior and you want to be extremely polite .

필요하다 - 필요해 - 필요해요 - 필요합니다 - 필요하십니다
모르다 - 몰라 - 몰라요 - 모릅니다 - 모르십니다

Bye for now!


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